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Experts in welding consumables since 1915

Welcome to the Hilco website. If you are a new customer, you may not know that we have been developing, producing and distributing top-quality welding consumables for over 90 years. Our products are used in more than 100 countries worldwide in a whole range of sectors, from the offshore industry to transport and crane building. All of our Hilco materials meet the most stringent requirements when it comes to reliability and quality. Quality and customers’ wishes are our primary focus when developing and distributing our Hilco products. For this reason, all of our materials are created based on your experiences and needs.  At Hilco, this dialogue with our customers is part of what we call ‘customer intimacy’.

This has been our policy ever since Mr. Watze Hilarius began producing welding materials and will remain so for centuries to come. We speak your language and lighten your administrative load wherever possible, so that the shipment of your order is carried out in an extremely efficient and pleasant manner.

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